Inline Related Posts - Annual License

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$84.00 USD

Increase page views

Keep readers' attention

Increase engagement

Reduce bounce rate

New features recently added include
- Provide the ability to exclude specific categories and/or tags from being targets of links, Provide the ability to consider sub-categories when searching for related posts
- Support the Gutenberg editor by providing an IRP widget
- Fix the Ruby template to allow longer titles
- Provide an option to gather link placement statistics
- Provide an option to place links inside of span elements.
- Make the linkRel attribute default to 'dofollow' and provide an option to prevent all related post links from changing with every page refresh.
- Provide Function to exclude CSS classes for placing IRP boxes
- Support Custom Post Types

Inline Related Posts - LIFETIME License (Per Site)

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One time charge for a LIFETIME License key that never expires!

Choose the number of sites you desire a license for at checkout.