Data443 Global Privacy Manager

Data443 Chat History Scanner

With your permission, we will scan your Zoom Chat History files that are stored in Cloud Storage in 13 different languages for approximately 900+ different types of sensitive information.

We will produce a full report for each chat log and a link to the related meeting.

You may run this as many times as you see want!

Privacy Safe Seal

Strengthen your reputation by giving your customers complete control over their private information with Privacy Safe. Assure your new and existing customers know that you comply with consumer data privacy laws and regulations using Privacy Seal- which verifies and displays that the CCPA Framework or GDPR Framework plug-ins are installed.

Data443 Global Privacy Manager - Base Edition

GDPR and CCPA are the first of many privacy laws to be enacted. As more laws are adopted, Global Privacy Manager will adapt to fit the specific needs of each law, ensuring you always remain compliant.


A simple button or link on your website gives your customers a form to request a ‘do not sell’ function that complies with the CCPA requirements.

Delivered fully branded - with your complete look and feel!

Consent Management Module

Quickly allow your customers to Manage Consent to Contact – a couple of clicks – done.

Let them come in, see everything you have – let them opt out of things they really aren’t interested in, but STAY opted into things that do interest them. KEEP some of the subscribers. The law says you have to offer opt out, the law doesn’t say you have to LOSE all of your subscribers!

Offer a great look and offerings like Apple, Google, Etsy in minutes – no work on your part!